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There are days when you feel like a big disappointment.

There are days when you feel like a big disappointment.

Minh Tran

March 2, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM

There are days when you feel like a big disappointment

There are days when you feel like a big disappointment, and those are the best days to sit down to write or draw something. Self-expression such as drawing, writing, or performing arts is a powerful medium for artists or designers. We use it to create images and tell stories from our minds and perspective. Sometimes, it comes out wonderfully, and often the illustrations or artwork reflects our inner muse. I find it rewarding when a piece I've been thinking about comes out differently from its original ideas.

Finding the middle ground of living in between reality is challenging for a remarkably expressive artist. Society would say that we are off the rockers or too unique for expected behaviors. Artists and designers think on a different wavelength and our peers who think technically need to respect us. Living as an artist is challenging because this is often overlooked as a career choice and relies on underpaying projects and having a stereotype of becoming a starving artist.

However, companies and people are always praising and using artwork after the artist's death. The idea of this extortion is very disheartening to the future artist that want to pursue this career path.

I am always in between reality and fantasy because it's hard to live in the real world without any creative expression and vivid colors. Consumed with the idea of having much money means we will reach happiness. Trust me! This notion is not entirely true! I know so many people that make tons of money and are very miserable. They often wish that they can be more creative. What I am trying to say is that.

We have to either pick what we love and what we are willing to do for money. The world is a cruel place for artists, through my eyes. Some often find themselves dealing with mental issues, which is a touching subject for many to understand.

The next time we feel like a failure or down! Remember that you are not alone, and it's okay to ask for help! Creative expression is a great way to relieve stress, and art therapy is a valuable resource for us to explore the next time we want to send out a message to the world.

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