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Est 2021

The BustedBeauty web-app is a second outlet source where stores and individuals post their unused, slightly damaged goods at a discounted rate for customers who do not care about the aesthetic to buy. By offering this service, we can help eliminate the unsold surplus.

This is a passion design project produced by Minh Tran and his colleague Cassandra Lang. Both acted as product designers in solving the problem and providing thought-out UI design deliverables.

Problem: Surplus of beauty goods unsold due to minor dents and tears on packaging products.

Solution: A mobile web app platform that helps generate sales for these independent small businesses and department stores.

In today's growing market, 'savy and idea of perfection have driven' customers to set their standards high when purchasing beauty products. The idea of choosing the best products and utilizing tips and tricks to get the perfect packaging creates a considerable margin for several thousands of losses in beauty income stores monthly.

Key Words:



Imperfect / Damaged






#1: The Shopper

Annie is a 30-year-old mom that is way too busy for her good. She has a newly born son and is continuously catering to his needs. Her schedule does not allow her to spend a lot of time on her beauty supplies—Annie shops for performance and not looks. Annie often uses the Busted Beauty app to search for damaged labels she knows that works well on her skin. She thinks this is a great way to buy and help the environment.

#2 The Sales Agent

Mike is 27 and is a seasoned sales employee at Skin Korea, a small mom and pops beauty store in Korea Town, LA. When receiving his weekly orders of premier skin products. Mike notices in some of the boxes; there are slightly damaged goods that are still saleable since it was damaged and didn't pass the quality check. Mike uses the app to sell these products at a discounted rate through Busted Beauty rather than just throwing them away or losing profit by donating them to charity.

#3 The Investor

James is 54 and is a tech startup investor. He has been working in the new development for app creation for the past 20 years. He also acts as an angel investor that helps small startup gain capital for their venture. James thinks that BustedBeauty will do well, as it a niche in the market with Skin Care. The idea of helping companies sell their damaged goods through the online market is a great way to eliminate the middle man. This B2B plan is an idea that would need more development and user testings. James is looking to invest in this startup as it launches its Beta.

User Journey's + Flows

Logo Design

UI Mock Ups

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