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Project Cisco Meraki

Project Cisco Meraki

Brief: Create a visually exciting 4-8 seconds announcement of a software free update to be on Cisco's TikTok account. Targeting Gen Z TikTok users.

Research: As Markers, it's our job to define different generational gaps. Gen Z: What do we buy, where do we buy it? Who are they? Digital Pioneer vs. Digital Natives

  1. Traditionalist, 1940's

  2. Baby Boomers 46's-64's

  3. Gen X - 65's- 79's

  4. Millennials - 90's-94's

  5. Gen Zers - 95's-2012's

  6. Gen X - Present

Think beyond birth years. Value experience and historical events Events including conditions "What makes them tick?" Entertainment & media Parents (Gen x) Self-esteem movement Whats shapes each generation? Previous cultures raised me. Gen Z= new technology savvy Digital pioneer vs. natives who is using it? Why? How is it better? Baby boom: ALL CAPS! (grabs attention) Gen z; Emojis (symbols) - text and playful, new languages Room for interpretations Shopping - online or instore Create a memorable experience. -Cohesive Integrates phones

  1. Gen Z; stand out

  2. Customized

  3. Hyper customized product

  4. Loyalty programs

  5. Spend money on experiences

  6. Buyers remorse

Unique exp. Different platforms for different things. End of celebrity endorsements Limit Influencers media Align with our brand. Focus on features: extraordinary. Price matters Overall price comparisons Savvy shoppers Sharing --- carbon footprint Shift, Shared ECON, Efficient, econ, convenient ?? Meanings-make a difference Quality! (universal) FOMO; FEAR OF MISSING OUT?! Short attention span, 8 sec VS 10 sec Information beamed faster Processing Small exciting doses Side hustle View as professional DIY Generation Share news, awards. Winning - collaborating with winners, Wants to be part of testing and process. Storyboard and Animatics

Screen One: Image of a young Gen Z gal, checking her TikTok discovery page as she passes a message from Cisco. Message: Hey! We have a new update, then the logo of Cisco Meraki fades into the foreground. Last 1 sec.

Screen Two: Pans into another Gen Z TikTok user, but this time. The spotlight is on Cisco's new updated features. Highlighting the faster bandwidth and now offering live remote streaming through the software; Meraki.

Screen Three: The hook, or call to action: It's Free! using emojis to express excitement and joy.

Screen Four: Another Gen Z user, this time a guy is getting to see the new features being offered.

Screen Five: The brand's logo fades into the screen to a sure product reminder.

In AfterEffects

Animation Mocks

Music selection:

*Popular on TikTok


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