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My intention

I see the disproportionate advantages that good branding brings to large companies and brings the same level of creativity to the community.

I aim to democratize the world of high concept design and see a vision where both large and small companies can succeed.

The Method

Thanks to the intuitive grasp of visual design built from years of client work, I have developed a design method that maintains project consistency across websites, branding, strategy, motion graphics, photography, cinematography, and even fashion branding.

I view the design process as solving a puzzle. This means I start by asking the right questions to arrive at the right marketing strategy and goals.

I know the result shouldn’t be just a beautiful graphic but should add to your business success. So I execute by turning complex concepts into intuitive, compelling deliverables.


Classically Trained,

unconventional results

Design is one of the first ways your customer engages with your brand. My intent is to make that connection deep and meaningful.


Grow your business, establish your brand, and put your customers first.

Art Directions by Minh Tran

Brand Identity

You’re starting from scratch or refining your company’s existing branding. It would be best if you had direction and a toolkit of visual and verbal elements.

Design Strategy

Knowing how and what to communicate is the core of your entire marketing. We collaborate with businesses and individuals to develop the proper plan, clarify what their customers want, find the right message that resonates, and build their unique, compelling content.

Art Directions by Minh Tran

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