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TipMeFashion Mobile App UI Design Process journal

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Discover trending styles, exclusive local offers & flash sales from 200+ brands personalized for you.

TipMeFashion is an extension UI interface for FashionClyp that aims to redefine the way people do local fashion shopping by making it easy, personalized, real-time, curated, and complete; helping people stay on top of every offer, every new style, and every flash sale in their favorite brands and local fashion, happening around them.

With TipMeFashion/Fashionclyp on your iPhone, you can discover new highly desired brands, find trending styles, and geo-locate offers in stores in your vicinity, all in one unified experience. Browse through 100's of partner brands and 1000's of Styles and Deals curated specially for you and avail exclusive limited-time offers within the iOS app.

While working as their Creative Director, I was in charge of reimagining their existing logos, mark, and type. I directed a team of designers to film new splash intros and worked as their motion graphics artists. I created a redesign of their user flows, oversaw all visual design elements, and curated a price swipe feature that ClypMedia later appointed in all of their mobile sales UI.

Logo Design Process. Researching mood for the style of fonts and type.

Journey Flows

Mobile app low and high fidelity wireframes.


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